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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
08 November 2009 @ 10:28 am
NOT updating my Livejournal. Because I'm a peach that way.

Completely re-vamped Rikoki a few (psh) MONTHS ago. As you can see, she's now female and my oc - rather than a makeshift copy of Kariya.
I'm pretty attached to her already, so she'll be around for a good long time.
Still RP with Junas and Garfunkle, so expect to see those two around from time to time.

I've done a few, but none of them are really up-to-par enough to show, if you can believe all that bull. And all I have to offer, writing wise, is my half-assed crap poetry.

EgoCollapse )

ImaginaryCollapse )
Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
29 August 2009 @ 09:37 pm

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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
29 August 2009 @ 09:30 pm
and I don't feel like being IC, today.
Ho hum & what a shame, right?

Just know that I'm still here. And alive. And TRYING to do some writing, y'know?

OHEYWAIT, before I go - I DO have some art around here, somewhere....

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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
20 August 2009 @ 04:08 pm
Because $10 is a ridiculous amount for a parking ticket.
Why didn't they just take that out of my van, and leave a note?

"Sorry sir - your meter ran long.
Took your GPS, and a hair barrette - to keep the law's bangs out of it's face, y'know.

I would've been ok with that!
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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
20 August 2009 @ 10:53 am
So I fail?
No new drabbles or art since my last post,
but I KNOW from experience that if I leave this shit sitting for too long, it rots. SO, a bullshit post seemed to be the best thing for it.
And maybe even some bullshit facts,
that nobody would have ever wanted to know!

Favorite color? Orange, followed by yellow, followed closely by blue. All three at once look pretty nifty too, actually.
Favorite food? Bean Paste. And Broccoli, as long as it's covered with beef sauce.
Favorite...uh. Genre of music? The kind that sings.
Damnit. Ok. What's your favorite BAND? God.
How long have you been wearing glasses? Since I realized that I had been following a bag lady around town for six months, rather than ol' momma. What a shock! And then, there were specs.
Sexual Preference? Breathing would be nice.
Favorite animal? Capybara - haven't we covered that one?
I fucking hate your sarcasm. Why thanks! Most people miss it's subtle charm!
Like a brick to my BRAIN. That's not a question!

Y'know what? I SUCK at questioning myself.
So, I'm going to go get my new parking decal,
so the bitch doesn't get toed.
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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
15 August 2009 @ 06:52 pm
My brain hurts, a little. C:
ONWARD with the drabbles ~

It’s amazing how much he can still remember, from back then.
He remembers shooting them with their mother’s gun, meant to protect the family if anything happened. And then being too cowardly to shoot himself.
He remembers the game, the first game, and how afraid Cloe had been of him – not that he blamed her.
He remembers losing that game, and the next 3, on purpose.
On purpose.
Because they needed to stay this way.
But what he doesn’t remember is

Their father was a whaler, before he was born, but their mother was the finest tree hugger in all the land. Sad really, how something like lust can transform your life that way.
She convinced him to give up whaling, and take up farming instead.
He convinced her,
that becoming a mother was what she had always wanted, anyway.
And they convinced Kariya that everything was alright, until daddy had had enough,
and hung himself from the clothesline.

Kariya’s never been able to see the damned constellations. Ever.
The little and big dipper were completely beyond him, but the North star was always easy enough to find.
Momma told him once that God lived on that star, back before he needed glasses or drugs.
But it was a lie, and now he doesn’t have the heart to look at it,
Even if it makes Kandee cry, sometimes.

It was the only time he hadn’t meant to lose – because Sho wasn’t such a bad guy, y’know? And if they could get through the game, maybe they could have a life
That is, until Sho ran away from one of the nastiest Noise Kariya had ever seen – and the RG collapsed beneath him. And shit, this is what it feels like to have momma’s gun under his chin.

Insomnia is supposed to be a sign of paranoia, and sometimes insanity.
Kariya doesn’t think so – he just really hates things like the sun
And people.

Down it fell
“Are you going to keep that foul mood all day, Lolli?”
Kariya was walking not too far behind her with his arms folded tightly at his chest. “Pretty much, pal. I am.” They’d only been partners for about a week, and Uzuki was already under his skin. While he slept, she thought it necessary to ‘clean’ his room for him – and had thrown away almost 5 years worth of magazine covers, bean paste stems, and tootsie-pop wrappers; that tramp.
“Really, Kariya – it was all just a lot of garbage. Drop it.”
And so he calmed his savage need to make her dig through every garbage can in the UG,
By getting her 'burned out of her mind while listening to the White Album. Priceless.

Flat head
“Help me OUT of here, Kariya!” Uzuki sounded almost desperate – and really, it served her right. If she hadn’t been so keen on spying, she wouldn’t have gotten her damned self locked in a broom closet. Now, the only safe way to get her out was to unhinge the door. Oh zing, why did he always have to clean up after her?
She’d been in there for almost an hour by the time he got back with a flat-head screw driver – which was the best tool around for pulling the screw from the hinge. He might have been there sooner,
but he’d stopped by the store for earplugs and a bag of gummi worms, first – deciding that both were necessary if he was going to salvage the evening.
“Oh shit, Uzuki?” She was quiet for a minute before finally answering, exasperated. “What.” It was more of a command than a question, really.
“I uh. I accidentally grabbed a Philips.”
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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
15 August 2009 @ 01:45 pm
Essentially, an exercise so that I understand what the fuck I'm talking about, dig it?

Koki Kariya...

Was the most popular kid in Middle School - but joined the drama club in High School. He says that social suicide was the best thing that ever could have happened to him.

Used to wear contact lenses, but hasn't since he accidentally left one in for three and a half weeks. His vision in his left eye has never been the same.

Hates his first name, because it sounds too damn much like 'Cooky.'

Will probably never, ever tell anybody how he actually died - but has given almost a dozen false situations. Almost all of them are either bitterly ironic, or funny; including, but not limited to,
-Drowning at the beach while trying to save a drowning dog,
-Burning to death in his father's house, because he forgot to clean the chimney,
-Falling off the side of a cliff while rock-climbling with his father,
-Accidently hanging himself with the rope in Gym class, and
-Choking on a potato chip, while he was on a diet.

Will probably also never, ever tell anybody what his entry fee was - made more strange by the fact that he played the game 4 times in a row. The guesses have ranged from hair, to ambition, to his love of women - but nothing has ever been confirmed.

DJs and "Raves" in his off-time, while in the RG -- and has made a pretty good name for himself at it. He tells people that he is 25 - mainly because he never aged during his 4 times playing the game. It's not common knowledge that you only age while in the "real ground".

Knows a LOT more than he ought to.

Was partnered with Sho during his fourth game, but was sacrificed during a Noise battle on the sixth day. He was offered a position much higher than Harrier almost immediately after - which helped him to make up his mind, and remain in the game as a Reaper.

Was not actually born in Shibuya.

Wants a pet Capybara.

Does not have a favorite color, but is adamant about his favorite shape being the "Hecatommyriagon" because he "wants to see one that's only an inch wide".

10 songs on his iPod --
And yes. He also has an iPod. Or rather, he HAD an iPod - before he spilled orange soda all over the damned thing. Now he's lucky if it plays intros, let alone full songs.

1. MSI
2. Imogen Heap
3. Daft Punk
4. Nirvana
5. Death Cab for Cutie
6. Disturbed
7. Nickelback
8. Flobots
9. Chasing Furies
10. Garbage

Poor thing actually thinks that Rock, Techno, Grundge, and Country can live a peaceful existence together -
not to mention the mess of alternative rock and hip-hop he has meshed together on his computer.
Because "DJs gotta have a little bit of anything, since people like a lot of everything. Zing?"
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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
15 August 2009 @ 01:30 pm
Because I needed a first entry,
and this was as good as any, zing? Zing.
(These are drabble prompt I've collected from around LJ, Deviantart, and my friends' minds. And I aint gonna lie, some of them? Are just words that I thought might be interesting.)

2 a.m.
Sleep doesn’t come as easy as it used to anymore – guilt’s got a way of doing that to a guy. And now that his mornings come late, and his nights are too
too quiet, Kariya will never get any sleep.

Half the time, with his hands speaking patterns across the room and his eyes hidden beneath too-loud hair, (and a voice that he never really grew into) even Kariya can’t understand what the hell he’s talking about, anymore.

“Sky’s the limit” momma used to say, tucking them between quilted squares of blue and gold – and it seemed so damned far away, back then. And sometimes when he couldn’t sleep, she’d take Kariya outside and they’d count stars.
But she took that quilt with her when she died, and the sky? Aint no closer now with them gone.

Five minutes
He always had the strangest friends, back then – all body odor, bright hair, and holes in the walls wide enough so that nobody was ever alone. Ever. And the best times they ever had were always when they didn’t have to handle each other sober. They were loud, obnoxious, and clingy enough to be cute, even though they probably made him sick, deep down. Deep down. Which is why Kariya only smoked pot, those days – the shortest highs he’d ever had; because it just wasn’t worth missing the people he was closest to,
tripping all over their damned selves like morons.

Leaving October behind
They buried her in October, weeks before Cloe’s ninth birthday, and just a few days before Halloween.
He buried them in November, because she would have wanted them with her, anyway – he couldn’t take care of all of them. All of them.
And they didn’t find his body until late December, curled up behind Jon’s bed holding a bottle of pain killers, and a bag of potato chips.
Because he couldn’t live without all of them. All of them.

They used to buy those industrial sized boxes of donuts – usually glazed, since they were cheaper. It was the best shit to have around, after a long hard day of substance abuse.
But he had a hard time eating them after half a bottle of apple vodka and a hit sent Jeremy tumbling backwards into his mom’s coffee table. The police report read that the poor kid had choked to death,
while they played monopoly in the back room.

His mom painted the house green one summer – a really light shade of sage – to brighten everyone’s mood. But with seven children, a mother addicted to everything, and her oldest son well on his way, it didn’t seem likely that a new coat of paint
Would help, very much.

Kariya wasted no time his first day.
After all, how many times had he already lost the game?
But the player's face is all too familiar once Kariya has taken care of her partner - all horrified eyes and waving limbs and a gaping mouth that's saying everything and
It's easier than the figured it would be - and the players line up like dominos over the next week.
And he pretends to be someone else every week; someone else's death, someone else's fears, someone else's life, someone else's
Not because he can't remember,
but because he doesn't want to think about the player that almost didn't make it, and maybe never did.
"It's anyone's game now - someone's gotta' lose."
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