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15 August 2009 @ 06:52 pm
More Drabbles  
My brain hurts, a little. C:
ONWARD with the drabbles ~

It’s amazing how much he can still remember, from back then.
He remembers shooting them with their mother’s gun, meant to protect the family if anything happened. And then being too cowardly to shoot himself.
He remembers the game, the first game, and how afraid Cloe had been of him – not that he blamed her.
He remembers losing that game, and the next 3, on purpose.
On purpose.
Because they needed to stay this way.
But what he doesn’t remember is

Their father was a whaler, before he was born, but their mother was the finest tree hugger in all the land. Sad really, how something like lust can transform your life that way.
She convinced him to give up whaling, and take up farming instead.
He convinced her,
that becoming a mother was what she had always wanted, anyway.
And they convinced Kariya that everything was alright, until daddy had had enough,
and hung himself from the clothesline.

Kariya’s never been able to see the damned constellations. Ever.
The little and big dipper were completely beyond him, but the North star was always easy enough to find.
Momma told him once that God lived on that star, back before he needed glasses or drugs.
But it was a lie, and now he doesn’t have the heart to look at it,
Even if it makes Kandee cry, sometimes.

It was the only time he hadn’t meant to lose – because Sho wasn’t such a bad guy, y’know? And if they could get through the game, maybe they could have a life
That is, until Sho ran away from one of the nastiest Noise Kariya had ever seen – and the RG collapsed beneath him. And shit, this is what it feels like to have momma’s gun under his chin.

Insomnia is supposed to be a sign of paranoia, and sometimes insanity.
Kariya doesn’t think so – he just really hates things like the sun
And people.

Down it fell
“Are you going to keep that foul mood all day, Lolli?”
Kariya was walking not too far behind her with his arms folded tightly at his chest. “Pretty much, pal. I am.” They’d only been partners for about a week, and Uzuki was already under his skin. While he slept, she thought it necessary to ‘clean’ his room for him – and had thrown away almost 5 years worth of magazine covers, bean paste stems, and tootsie-pop wrappers; that tramp.
“Really, Kariya – it was all just a lot of garbage. Drop it.”
And so he calmed his savage need to make her dig through every garbage can in the UG,
By getting her 'burned out of her mind while listening to the White Album. Priceless.

Flat head
“Help me OUT of here, Kariya!” Uzuki sounded almost desperate – and really, it served her right. If she hadn’t been so keen on spying, she wouldn’t have gotten her damned self locked in a broom closet. Now, the only safe way to get her out was to unhinge the door. Oh zing, why did he always have to clean up after her?
She’d been in there for almost an hour by the time he got back with a flat-head screw driver – which was the best tool around for pulling the screw from the hinge. He might have been there sooner,
but he’d stopped by the store for earplugs and a bag of gummi worms, first – deciding that both were necessary if he was going to salvage the evening.
“Oh shit, Uzuki?” She was quiet for a minute before finally answering, exasperated. “What.” It was more of a command than a question, really.
“I uh. I accidentally grabbed a Philips.”
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