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20 August 2009 @ 10:53 am
So I fail?
No new drabbles or art since my last post,
but I KNOW from experience that if I leave this shit sitting for too long, it rots. SO, a bullshit post seemed to be the best thing for it.
And maybe even some bullshit facts,
that nobody would have ever wanted to know!

Favorite color? Orange, followed by yellow, followed closely by blue. All three at once look pretty nifty too, actually.
Favorite food? Bean Paste. And Broccoli, as long as it's covered with beef sauce.
Favorite...uh. Genre of music? The kind that sings.
Damnit. Ok. What's your favorite BAND? God.
How long have you been wearing glasses? Since I realized that I had been following a bag lady around town for six months, rather than ol' momma. What a shock! And then, there were specs.
Sexual Preference? Breathing would be nice.
Favorite animal? Capybara - haven't we covered that one?
I fucking hate your sarcasm. Why thanks! Most people miss it's subtle charm!
Like a brick to my BRAIN. That's not a question!

Y'know what? I SUCK at questioning myself.
So, I'm going to go get my new parking decal,
so the bitch doesn't get toed.
Current Music: My name is Boxxy Remix