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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
08 November 2009 @ 10:28 am
NOT updating my Livejournal. Because I'm a peach that way.

Completely re-vamped Rikoki a few (psh) MONTHS ago. As you can see, she's now female and my oc - rather than a makeshift copy of Kariya.
I'm pretty attached to her already, so she'll be around for a good long time.
Still RP with Junas and Garfunkle, so expect to see those two around from time to time.

I've done a few, but none of them are really up-to-par enough to show, if you can believe all that bull. And all I have to offer, writing wise, is my half-assed crap poetry.

EgoCollapse )

ImaginaryCollapse )