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08 November 2009 @ 10:28 am
So. Y'know what's fun?  
NOT updating my Livejournal. Because I'm a peach that way.

Completely re-vamped Rikoki a few (psh) MONTHS ago. As you can see, she's now female and my oc - rather than a makeshift copy of Kariya.
I'm pretty attached to her already, so she'll be around for a good long time.
Still RP with Junas and Garfunkle, so expect to see those two around from time to time.

I've done a few, but none of them are really up-to-par enough to show, if you can believe all that bull. And all I have to offer, writing wise, is my half-assed crap poetry.

No, I want to say.
No, you have no idea what I am capable of,
And don’t you wave that ego at me
I am stronger than you will ever be.

I who have bled the ground from green
to red to green again,
and have seen myself stand
not so strong, but straightened my back,
Even when it hurt to breath that way.

I who have walked and fought and scraped
and moved whole villages that—
Were never mine to move.
I am strong, even if you will never see it.
But instead,

I am not strong.
And my heel is angriest as I turn
toward the door with a smile
That is worn with purpose and trying
To show me reason before the doubt comes like
My legs being broken with something much stronger than
sticks and stones.

I miss you.
And a white wolf howls
To Gods that aren’t Gods;
And a fox screams, because was the raven ever really there?
A Queen mourns for a soul mate
With no soul,
And a bird dies with no heart to speak of.

The tides rip, and the middle of the night is lonely,
And maniacs
Are snakes with wild yellow eyes that I can’t
Stare at for too long.

You were my dopamine,
My traitor with all the best intentions,
My dark Queen,
And my fight at 3 am.
You were my epic, my love story,
And we sang and danced like whores beneath the ground
With no thought of a drug that is
A lot like love, maybe.

But now,
I’m withdrawing – cold
trapped between the cracks of this world we made,
7 years ago
With stars that only glowed with the lights off,
And stolen flowers.