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Koki "Rikelle" Kariya
29 April
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"I Can Join and Support all Kids-people Activities about defective-orphans-war kids-blind-obstacles-homeless and peace-love activities -organizations. I kiss you."

OK - just for clarification purposes,
this LJ is a compilation of Roleplays, Drabbles, Art, and other bullshit related to my Roleplaying character
Who is, quite obviously, based on the character "Koki Kariya" from TWEWY;
which is an amazing game for the Nintendo DS, and everyone should play it.

I do not own Kariya, but I DO own the content of this journal, since ALL OF IT is original shit I thought up.
I just loved him so much, that I wanted to give him a little bit more than cool hair; which is, essentially, all that the game designers left our poor Koki with. Ho hum.

Happy reading.